A View From the Bridge - Conflict in Act Two

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  • a view from the bridge - conflict in act two
    • kissing scene
      • '(trembling with fright) I think I have to get out of here, Eddie'
        • Eddie's erratic behaviour has started to make Catherine feel unsafe in her own home
        • Catherine is in shock of everything that has happened and is scared about what'll happen next
      • '(as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth)'
        • Eddie violates Catherine
        • Catherine is being physically held down by Eddie
        • Eddie thinks that this is his last resort to try and prevent Catherine from leaving him
        • kisses Catherine to show her how a real man kisses
      • '(Rodolpho flies at him in attack. Eddie pins his arms, laughing and suddenly kisses him)'
        • Rodolpho went to attack Eddie because he violated Catherine
        • Eddie kisses Rodolpho in an attempt to show that Rodolpho is gay
    • calling immigration scene
      • '(Marco spits into Eddie's face)'
        • Marco disrespects and shames Eddie in front of his street
        • shows Marco hates Eddie now
      • 'I'll kill you for that, you son of a bi*ch!'
        • Marco is threatening Eddie because Eddie ratted them out
        • Marco thought he could trust Eddie to keep his secret
      • 'He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer!'
        • Catherine lashes out at Eddie because Eddie did the one thing he told the others not to
        • Beatrice is scared in this scene and Catherine tries to convince her to go against Eddie
    • Eddie's death scene
      • '(Eddie lunges with the knife. Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home)'
        • Eddie dies from his own knife
        • Marco was only protecting himself, he had no clue Eddie brought a knife with him
        • shows that Eddie has intentions to severely hurt Marco and possibly kill him
      • '(He dies in her arms)'
        • the fight resulted in Eddie dying
        • Eddie dies in Beatrice's arms
        • impactful because Beatrice was always on Eddie's side through out all this


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