Beyond the Sky and the Earth

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  • A Journey Into Bhutan
    • long list of destinations in line 9 emphasises the remoteness of Bhutan
    • lines 13&14 repetition of mountains gives sense of enormity of the region
    • 'frozen desert'
      • oxymoron shows differences for westerners: confusing, shows the landscape is unusual
    • 'teenagers in acid wash jeans'
      • American culture still intruding
    • 'very old, cracked sidewalks and faded paintwork'
      • triplet emphasises disrepair, makes next line more shocking
    • people all wear the same thing: like a uniform, similar to the houses
      • sense of closeness in the small community
    • proper terminology adds authority
    • line 68: list of characteristics show she is in shock and overwhelmed
    • fairy-tale names
      • emphasises the beauty of the area
      • juxtaposed by the violence in line 92
    • 'I am full of admiration'
      • emotive, personal response coming through after many facts shows what a positive impact it had on her


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