Out Out, Robert Frost

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    • QUOTES
      • 'BOY COUNTS SO MUCH'- The writer expresses his wish that the boy had not worked the extra hour and that he 'counts so much' creates suggests that he is quite young. The writer not wanting him to work more creates a sense of foreboding.
      • 'LEAPED OUT AT THE BOY'S HEAT, OR SEEMED TO LEAP'- long sentence here describes the moment of the accident. The saw is personified as if its trying to prove it understands something. The words 'leaped or seemed to leap' suggests confusion over what exactly had happened.
      • 'SO'- The abrupt use of the word 'so' conveys the sudden change in circumstances and the confirmation of the loss of the hand.
      • 'TURNED TO THEIR AFFAIRS'- Hardship, no time to grieve, move on, work.
      • 'LITTLE-LESS-NOTHING'- Shocked family members watch as his pulse fades away. Use of dashes suggests the final heart beats.
      • 'BUZZ SAW SNARLED AND RATTLED'- onomatopoeic. Poem opens with the saw as the dominant sound in the scene. The saw is personified in the poem and so appears as a menacing character. Foreboding.
      • 'SNARLED AND RATTLED'- Repetition suggests a noise that goes on for a while. Also adds to the personification of the saw. This is an ugly sound described by ugly words, breaking into the beauty described just before*. Interfering, dominating, aggressive, block.
      • *'SWEET SCENTED STUFF WHEN THE BREEZE DREW ACROSS IT'- The sibilance in this line and the pleasant images of sweet scents and breeze precede the incident to come by contrasting the beauty of the backdrop.
      • 'DON'T LET HIM'- Direct speech makes it more personal. Pleading.
      • 'HALF IN APPEAL, BUT HALF AS TO KEEP THE LIFE FROM SPILLING. THEN THE BOY SAW ALL'- life is a metaphor for blood 'boy saw all' suggests he realises what has happened, it took a few moments to sink in, and realise the big change and how his life will be different.
      • The poem is written in iambic pentameter. This structure is broken in line 27. 'So'. The line contains only 4 stressed syllables. Broken, disjointed line represents the tragedy. Broken, beyond repair.
      • Whole incident in one stanza, suggesting how death can come in space of one stanza.
      • Shape of stanza is like a saw, again suggesting dominating character is the saw.
      • Short sentences, 'He saw all spoiled' represent the brevity of life and the sudden impact of the accident.


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