A husband's defence

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  • A husband's defence
    • Euphiletus speaks in his own defence after he murdered his wife's lover, Eratosthenes, claiming he was carrying out his civil duty
      • He begins by saying he started to trust his wife after she gave birth to his son, but he started noticing strange things, for example she wore make up soon after her brother's death
        • An old hag approached Euphiletus who was sent by Eratosthenes old mistress, told him that his wife was cheating on him with Eratosthenes
          • Euphiletus gathered witnesses and torches and cought the two of them in the act. Eratosthenes begged for his life to be spared and that he will give Euphiletus money. Euphiletus refused and killed him
    • Theme: law and attitudes towards adultery
      • Solon's law states that if the wife is cheating, a fine is imposed on the lover. If they are caught in the act then the husband may kill the lover
      • Solon's law also states that if your wife has committed adultery you must divorce her otherwise you face disenfranchisement
    • Authorship: Lysias was from a wealthy family and therefore understood law and how possesions would be distributed


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