Act 1 scene 2

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  • Act 1 scene 2
    • the chorus wants to punish
      • anyone who wants to be a dictator because Athens is a democracy
      • people who get them into trouble with their husbands
        • by telling their husbands that their baby isn't theirs
        • that they have a secret lover
      • bad lovers
        • those who promise that they'll give them gifts if they sleep with them but never do
      • the old hag or young woman who steals their lover
      • the bar maid who doesn't fill their glass to the top
      • the Persians who are a long standing enemy after the 2nd Persian evasion
        • Euripides is grouped with the Persians showing that their hatred for him is great
      • this implies that the females have bad morals because not only are they disloyal but they cant take responsibility for their actions and blame others for being caught
    • problems that Euripides has created for them
      • he paints them as disloyal and makes their husbands fearful
      • men come home from watching his plays and are suspicious
      • overly jealous
        • if the females are sitting plaiting a wreath then the husbands will presume that they're lusting after someone
      • husband sits and watches her all the time
        • if she cant produce him a baby then she has no chance of going out and getting one
      • puts rich elderly men off marring young girls
        • 'an old man marries a tyrant not a wife'
      • husbands put bolts and seals on the doors so they cant sneak of to meet a lover
      • keeping a dog to scare off lovers
      • husbands lock the door to the supplies so the females don't steal them and then reseal them
      • the second women would make money selling myrtle chaplets
        • Euripides says they're aren't any gods so no one wants to buy them
        • but yet she has to get back because she has a big order
    • Mnesilochus defence of Euripides
      • tells the females that they should be too mad since he's only told a few tricks and their are plenty more
        • she had been marred for three days when an old lover came
          • she pretended she had indigestion and went out to meet him
          • she even had sex with him at the alter of Apollo
      • females are sex addicts and if there's no one better then they will have the slaves and mule drivers
      • chew some garlic just before your husband returns so they will doubt that anyone has slept with you while he was away
      • female have smuggles boyfriends under their skirt
      • they will prolong their labour till they can get hold of a son to pretend is theirs
      • they only suffer from their own wrong doings
      • the women are angry at how she defends Euripides and say they're going to pluck and singe her bush as a punishment
    • Mica
      • had a girl but made her maid swap her child with her because she had a boy
      • she carried around a full skin of wine and pretends
        • implying she's an alcoholic
    • he uses a trick from one of Euripides plays, Palamedes to get his attention
      • he writes a message on an oar blade
    • verbal humour
      • pun
        • Mnesilochus says he has a daughter called 'fanny' and a son called 'willy'
      • irony
        • Cleisthenes is reporting the horror that a man has dresses up as a woman and entered even though he is a man dressed up
        • the females are offended that he thinks a man could hide from them
          • even though there are two in the building and they haven't noticed
    • visual humour
      • the baby is a full skin of wine and Mica is getting worked up when it is taken away from her
      • they take of Mnsilochus's dress
        • he hides it between his legs when they look behind he puts it to the front, this goes on for quite some time


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