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  • 5.5 - photosynthesis
    • light dependent reaction
      • takes place in the grana of the chloroplast
      • the electrons that are lost in the chlorophyll are regained by the water
        • light energy  splits the water into hydrogen, electrons and oxygen
          • oxygen is a waste product
          • the hydrogen ions join with the electrons  through the ETC, to form hydrogen atoms
            • the hydrogen atoms join to the coenzyme called NADP to form reduced NADP (NADPH2)
              • the reduced NADP and ATP are used in the light independent reaction
                • the energy here makes ATP
    • light independent reaction
      • this is the second stage and takes place in the stroma
      • the ATP and reduced NADP from the light dependent reaction in this reaction
      • carbon dioxide binds to a five carbon receptor molecule to from GP (two molecules of three- carbon molecule)
        • the GP needs hydrogen and ATP from reduced NADP to make simple sugars
          • carbon dioxide and hydrogen from reduced NADP are in a reduction from the ATP energy to make glucose
    • chloroplast
      • inner and outer membrane
      • inside: thylakoid are stacks of membranes called grana
      • the granum are surrounded by the stroma


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