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  • 3D Studio max
    • Symbols
      • this software doesnt use symbols, meaning any object created is unable to b transferred to other softwares or documents, but still have to edit propeties on the document.
    • Frames
      • the frames are presented on the bottom of the page, this makes creating and arranging and deleting, modifying frames easyier.
    • Controls
      • there are mutlpile comtrols, some being Status Bar Controls, Animation & Time Controls, Animation Playback Controls and Viewport navigation controls
        • the navigtion control allows the user to navigate through scenes within the viewpoint.
        • Animation playback controls allows the user to watch scenes in motion through time.
        • Animation and time controls use controls to affect your animation over time.
    • Buttons
      • buttons are used to control playing, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward
        • the stop and pause button allow the use to play or stop the animation playing.
        • rewind and fast forward allow the user to to play the animation at point of where they want it play from.
    • Tweening
      • this allows the user to toggle if they would like to create a computer geerated animation, also can bind keys as controls.
    • Scirpts
      • the script allows the userto create a background, with coding that chnages the animation while being played. the scripts have limitations, to other softares such as quick pivot script.
    • preloaders
      • the preloader allow the user to create a scene, renaming is an option, the preloader can be transfromed by being turned into an animation.
    • libraries
      • 3ds max has it own libraies, this allows the user to add to all projects that theyre doing, also theses objects are royalty free so the user can use them in all context.


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