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  • 3D Studio Max
    • Script
      • 3D Studio Max uses MAXscript in order to function and run the software, however people can create and use pre created scripts with 3D Studio Max
    • Frames
      • Frames
      • KeyFrames
      • In 3D StudioMax the frames are located towards the bottom of the page, Due to the location of the frames: modifying, deleting, arranging and creating frames is much easier and simplified
    • Buttons
      • Within 3D StudioMax the buttons are used to control functions such as: playing, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward
        • The Stop and pause button allow the user to either play or stop the current animation that is being played
        • The Rewind and fast forward buttons allow the user to play the animation at any point of their chosing
    • Preloaders
      • Within 3D Studio Max the preloader allows the user to create a scene, they then have to option to rename the scene and furthermore the preloader can be transformed by being turned into an animation
    • Libraries
      • 3D Studio Max has access to its own libraries, this allows the user to add to all projects that they're creating, in addition these objects are all royalty free meaning the user can use these in all context
    • Tweening
      • Tweening allows the user to toggle if they would like to create a computer generated animation, they can also bind keys as controls
      • Motion Tween
      • Shape Tween
    • Symbols
      • 3D Studio Max doesn't use symbols. THis means that any object created is unable to be transferred to other documents or software, however the properties can still be edited on the document
    • Controls
      • Within 3D Studio Max, there are multiple controls that are in place. Some being status bar controls, animation and time controls, Animation playback controls and view port navigation controls
        • In 3D Studio Max the navigation controls allow the user to navigate through the scenes within the viewpoint
        • Animation Playback controls allow the user to view scenes in motion through time
        • Animation and time controls use controls that affect the users animation over a set time period


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