3.4 methods of selection

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  • 3.4
    • why businesses recruit:
      • to start up a business: need workers to run it and make goods or services it offers
      • when a business grows: may need more workers to produce goods or service and more managers to oversee them
      • to replace employees who leave: workers leave for different reasons, retirement, dismissal, increased pay elsewhere so replacements are needed
      • to fill a skills gap: a business may be short of skilled workers either because of growth or changing production method
    • internal recruitment: notice boards, word of mouth, company website and emails to staff
      • adv: cheaper to advertise, often quicker, worker will be known to management, worker knows environment, motivate workers
      • examples: websites, social media, word of mouth, email, noticeboards, company magazines
    • external recruitment
      • adv: fill skills gap, new ideas from external worker, avoids unhappiness from current workers, necessary when business is growing and additional workers are needed, needed when a to fill space of internal promotions.
      • examples: local newspaper, national newspaper, specialist magazines and journals, job centre, word of mouth
    • job description: list of main duties task and responsibilities of a worker
    • person specification: list of qualities and knowledge that a person should have to do a particular job
    • methods of selection:
      • group activities: good for showing teamwork, workers have to work together on a task.
      • CV, summary of personal details, qualifications and experience of the applicant
      • interview: ask questions to applicants, good for finding out what applicants have to day and they personality an communication skills
      • reference: a statement from a previous employer showing their working background
      • tests and presentations: applicants ability to speak and specific skills, demonstate their ideas and communication skills.
      • applications: applicants fill forms of their compatibility with the job. good way to compare applicants
      • letters of application: applicants explain why they are suitable for the job, helpful to see applicants information gathering.


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