30 Mark Essay.

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  • assess the view that power in the United States is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the President.
    • Majority in both houses - meaning that legislation can be passed through easily - 2012 barack obama
    • Executive Orders and agreements - do not need congress for these - HIV allowed back into the country
    • They are able to exert authority in trying situations - 2021 joe Biden authority with Covid.
    • Constitutional Rights - they are rights that no body is allowed to take away (Gun Control)
    • impeachment - Congress can remove a president.
      • Wishlist - they may not get everything that they would like done.
    • Checks and Balances - these stop the president doing what he would like - Power of the Purse.
      • Gridlock - Can stop all legislation that he/she would like to be passed.
      • Presidents are held to account on their actions - impeachment can be a result
  • Conclusion - Personality (charismatic) Circumstance - they are generally less popular in the second term


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