2.2.4 - Zakah

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  • 2.2.4 - Zakah
    • Khums
      • Shi'a 10 Obligatory Acts
      • 20% of excess earnings
      • Paid once a year
      • Help the poor, support Islamic organisations
      • Originally collected by Muhammad. After death, Sunni's stop paying. Shi'a paid to further Imams and now to religious scholars
      • Anyone who keeps money they should have paid = money becomes haram [forbidden]
    • For Sunni's
    • Purify a person's heart of greed
    • Minimum amount to pay = nisab
    • Can pay using livestock and produce, not just money
    • UK
      • 2.5% above nisab
      • Collected at local mosques
      • Distributed to needy and religious purposes
    • Muslim countries
      • Government collect it like tax
    • If receive money, feel blessed by Allah
    • Way of making society fairer, show concern for those in need
    • Sadaqah = further voluntary donations, no limits or guidelines
    • Muhammad linked charity to being saved from hell


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