Patents and copyright

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  • 22 - Patents, copyright, registered designs and trademarks
    • Patents
      • risk that someone else might try to copy it and claim that it is theirs
        • Patents prevent this
      • legal protection granted by the country to the designer or inventor
      • in the UK it costs £200 and are recorded on the product - 20 years
      • criteria that needs to be met before a patent can be granted
        • it must new
        • it must be inventive
        • must be industrially made
        • must be a physical product or process
    • Copyright
      • used to protect text, music, films, computer-generated works or drawings from being copied
      • normally lasts 70 years
    • Registered design
      • the aesthetic of a design is protected
      • powerful method of protecting a design from being copied
      • £60 for 25 years
    • Trademarks
      • distinctive symbols or logos
        • contains the company name or slogan and cannot be copied
      • symbol must be unique
      • £200 to be registered


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