12 1970s Foreign Affairs

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  • 1970s Foreign Affairs
    • Europe
      • 1973 accepted
      • Heath was pro-Europe, co-op key
      • Pompidou wanted Britain involved
      • Powell against it, called to vote Labour
      • Labour divided, opposed but referendum, 69 rebel MPs helped the Tories
      • 68% yes in the referendum, but Labour increasingly Anti-Europe
    • USA
      • Heath suggested USA has own negotiations with Europe, not Britain as go between
      • Heath and Nixon got on well
      • Stained relationship over Yom Kippur, no NATO bases
      • Wilson and Callaghan strengthened alliance, 1979 Trident
    • USSR
      • Détente after Cuba, direct hotline, limit arms
      • Tensions remained after Markov assassinated in London
    • China
      • 1972 Nixon met with Mao Zedong
      • Britain followed, 1974 Heath visited regularly, honoured


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