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  • 1649-53
    • Religion
      • Fifth Monarchists (Capp) became a pressure groups who wanted Godly reform, influenced Ireton and Cromwell
      • Religiously conservative; Mosaic Act and Blasphemy Act condemed by John Milton
    • Politics
      • 'Self-perpetuating' (Smith) The Rump was made up of an elite and had been sitting for 11 years. 'You have sat here too long for the good that you do' (Cromwell)
      • Angered Army (Woolrych) with recruiter election and plan to downsize.
      • Politically conservative; failed significant constitutional reform. John Lilburne criticised it as unrepresentative in 'England's New Chains Discovered'
      • Expensive war from 1651 Navigation Act but did create stability in Ireland and Scotland
    • Historians
      • Barnard argues the Rump did well in context (zeitgeist- chaotic)
      • Morrill produced figures showing only 3 acts on religion and 5 on law made after 1649


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