1.2.5 - The role and importance of celebrations to Christians

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  • 1.2.5 - The role and importance of celebrations to Christians
    • Advent
      • Begins 4th Sunday before Christmas
      • Marks start of the liturgical church
      • Arrival of which has been awaited [celebration of J's birth/2nd coming (parousia)]
      • Advent wreaths - 1 lit each Sunday
      • Get ready spiritually - giving time to prayer - seeking God's forgiveness
    • Christmas Day
      • Celebrate J's birth inc. carols, readings, plays
      • Orthodox
        • Celebrate - 07/01 - day Magi visited
        • Fast before - help people shift focus to others. Increase prayer, care for poor
        • Fasting appreciate, enjoy, celebrate the birth of Christ
        • Go to Church on 07/01 [Christmas day]
    • Why is Christmas important to Christians?
      • Celebration of J's incarnation
      • God made way for humans to be reconciled to himself
      • Gives humanity a hope for a new beginning
      • Restored personal relationship
      • Hope for an eternal life
    • Easter
      • End of Holy Week
      • Gain a deeper understanding of suffering, death and resurrection of J
      • Many C's do lent - fast for 40 days - recall Gospel accounts of J fasting in the desert
    • Ash Wednesday
      • Special Eucharist service at the start of lent
      • Sign of cross marked on forehead with ash - reminder of J's death and resurrection
    • Holy Week
      • Palm Sunday
        • Start of HW [Sunday before Easter]
        • J ride into Jerusalem - crowds shour 'Hosanna' [save now], wave palm branches
        • Church - small crosses made out of palm leaves given out, celebrate of PS
          • Palms people waved when J entered Jerusalem
          • His death on the cross
      • Maundy Thursday
        • Maundy = commandment - recalls commandment J gave to disciples to love each other, like he loved them
        • Remember last supper - J washed disciples feet
        • Establish the Eucarist, predict disciples betrayal
        • Important as reminder that J came to serve and should follow his example
      • Good Friday
        • J's crucifixion - special services reflect J's death [last 3 hours, reflect j's time on cross]
        • Many denominations (inc RCC) move round Church to 14 stations, pray at each
        • God's greatest act of mercy - redeem human race by sacrifice his son
        • Able to consider depth of God's love for humans as remember Easter story
      • Easter Saturday and Sunday
        • Time of joy as J resurrected - victory over sin
        • CoE/RCC and others have an Easter vigil on Sat evening
        • Paschal Candle - 5 drops of incense [represent J's 5 wounds on cross] Congregration light small candle from P candle each, hold during Eucharist
        • Most important time of C calender - enables them to say that they have been saved by God


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