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  • Pilgrimage and Celebrations
    • Christian pilgrimage
      • role and importance
      • Lourdes, France
        • visited by Roman Catholics
        • heated by miraculous waters
        • pilgrims confess sins at Reconciliation Chapel
      • Iona, Scotland
        • a hard journey over moorlands in which prayer takes place
        • a place where saints have lived and where prayers have been answered.
    • Christmas: the celebration of the birth of Christ
      • Jesus came to earth for all people
      • Mary and Joseph had strong faith in God despite the difficulties they faced
    • Easter: marks Jesus' resurrection
      • reminds Christians of God's sacrifice of his son and love for his people
      • most important Christian celebration
    • pilgrimage to Bethlehem
      • in the grotto of nativity there is a 14 pointed star which represents the birth of Christ
      • the chapel of the manger is where some believe Mary placed Jesus
      • Christians take a pilgrimage to the church of nativity
      • many Christians do this during Christmas time
      • both eastern and western churches are represented


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