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What story is West Side Story based on?
Romeo and Juliet
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What is the setting of the song America?
A Rooftop
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What does the use of the shouts, ‘Mambo’, create in the Dance at the Gym?
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What style of dance is portrayed in the song ‘America’?
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What traditional music is used to represent the 50’s Era?
Blues Music
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What is a Promenade?
Traditional social dance where the partners move around in circles and dance with whoever is opposite them
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What colour costumes do the Puerto Ricans wear?
Red, Purple, Burgundy etc.
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Is the film set naturalistic or un-naturalistic?
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What year was the film released?
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Who wrote the music for West Side Story?
Leonard Bernstein
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What era is it set in?
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What is the story based on ?
Romeo and Juliet
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Who composed the accompaniment?
Leonard Bernstein
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What is significant about the ladies dresses?
big skirts
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What is the main female character called?
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What was unique at WSS at the time?
it didn't fit in with the other 'razzle-dazzle' musicals of the time and confronted issues such as racism and ****
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What are the gangs called?
The sharks and the Jets
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What nationality are the sharks?
puerto rican
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Do the men wear different or the same costumes
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What instrument is significant of the Puerto Rican culture?
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Who choreographed West Side Story
Jerome Robbins
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Where is West Side Story Set?
Upper West Side neighborhood in New York City, in the mid 1950s
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What is the "white" gang called?
The Jets
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What is the other gang called?
The Sharks
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Who does Riff fall in love with?
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What theme is shown thought out?
Falling in love with someone that isn't on the same side as the rest of the family.
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A dancer in the episode of cool, hits the car, what does this complement?
The accompaniment and the movement content
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In Cool, there are different cars and one of them has its headlights on, what does this complement?
The lighting
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The dancers in Cool clap, and it echoes, what does this complement?
The accompaniment
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Where is the scene 'Cool' set in west side story
In a dark car park with minimal lighting
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What is a key theme/ atmosphere running throughout
Gang Rivalry, opposition between the puertoricans and Americans
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what is the songcalled sung by Maria, Consuela, Rosalia, and Francisca in Act two
' I feel Pretty'
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Who was West Side Story produced by?
Robert Wise
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When was the film version of West Side story released?
Released on October 18, 1961
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Who dies in West Side story?
Riff the head of the jets, Bernardo the head of the sharks and tony maria's lover.
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Why are the deaths in west side significant?
the same deaths occurred in Romeo and juilet
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Why didn't Jerome want maria to die in West Side? like Juliet dies in R&J
the Producers thought this would be too much death and left the ending open for the audience to decide what happens to Maria and the affect that these tragedies have had on their society.
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When the west side story was written?
The original conception of the idea was in 1949
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Who is the antagonist in the west side story?
maybe Chino? He kills Tony and causes other harm, the thing is he has a reason to and many of the "good guys" would have done the same in his place.
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Who is anita in west side story?
Anita is Bernardo Nunez's girlfriend, who moved with him to America
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What is the most shown formation among the damcers in the prologue section?
The dancers are nearly always seen in a pyramid formation varying on numbers.
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What is an example of foreshadowing in west side story?
When Tony and Maria sing the song, One Hand, One Heart, they sing that only death can separate them.
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what prop is used in the prologue scene?
a basket ball
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what music is used in west side story?
a jazzy, Latin american style music
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what was ground breaking about west side story?
The musical was groundbreaking because of its tragic tone, sophisticated musical style and innovative extended dance sequences which are integral to the piece
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what range of instruments were used in the A compliment for west side story?
There are a large number of instruments in the West Side Story orchestra with particularly large woodwind, brass and percussion sections.
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what is significant about the Puerto ricans dresses in the dance in the gym section?
there dresses are loose flowing and ellaborate, they also are in a variety of materials and colours
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where is the prolouge section filmed
a school playground and in and out of streets and alley ways
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what was significant about Jerome's full name name
jerome was from a jewish backgorund when starting of as a young dancer Jerome was advised to change his name to a more american sounding name
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What is the setting of the song America?


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What does the use of the shouts, ‘Mambo’, create in the Dance at the Gym?


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What style of dance is portrayed in the song ‘America’?


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Wasn't it Tony who fell in love with Maria?

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