West Side Story

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  • West Side Story
    • A 1961 musical romantic drama directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins
    • Adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical called West Side Story which was inspired by Romeo and Juliet
    • World record holder for the most amount of awards for a musical
    • Won 3 Golden Globe Awards
    • A musical in which a modern day Romeo and Juliet are involved in New York street gangs. On the harsh streets of the upper west side, two gangs battle for control of the turf. The situation becomes complicated when a gang members falls in love with a rival's sister.
    • He furthered the communication of American themes, by exploring the realities of prejudice, gang conflict and culture.
    • Jerome Robbins’ style of jazz dance combined with classical ballet, contemporary dance, vernacular dances/ dances from other cultures and everyday gesture, allowed him to create choreography conveying characterisation, rhythmic complexity and dynamic variation.
    • He followed Agnes de Mille’s lead in making dance of equal importance to drama and music in the development of the storyline
    • Bridged classical ballet and musical theatre/ jazz- status
    • To help the young cast grow into their roles, Robbins did not allow those playing members of opposite gangs (Jets and Sharks) to mix during the rehearsal process.


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