Unit 201 session 1 & 2 quiz

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1. What is a scheduled Airline?

  • Flights operate throughout the year and are given fixed or "scheduled" departure times.
  • Run for short seasons, summer months to the summer sun holiday destinations and winter months to Ski or winter sun destinations.
  • Discount/Budget Airline
  • jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people
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2. Who benefits from being in an Airline Alliance?

  • Customers, Airlines, Destinations
  • Customers
  • Airlines
  • Destinations

3. What does Virgin Atlantic call their lounge at London Gatwick Airport?

  • Virgin First Lounge
  • Clubhouse
  • Business Lounge
  • Concorde Lounge

4. What does British Airways call their Club/Business Class Cabin for Long Haul destinations?

  • Upper Class
  • Business
  • Club World
  • BA Club

5. What does seating configuration mean?

  • The costs of seats on an aircraft
  • How the seats are made on an aircraft
  • The layout of seats on an aircraft
  • Seating complaints


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