Unit 1.4

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What is Internal Recruitment?
Appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy.
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What is External Recruitment?
Appointing an employee of another business to fill a vacancy.
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What are Monetary Benefits?
Additional payments made to employees on top of wages or salaries like bonuses and commission
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What Non-Monetary Rewards?
Rewards to employees that do not involve the direct payment of money to them, they are usually call 'fringe benefits'
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What is Job Production?
When individual or unique products are made to match the requirements of the customer.
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What is Batch Production?
When groups or 'batches' of identical products are made.
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What is Operational Efficiency?
Producing goods and services to an acceptable standard with as few resources as possible to keep costs per unit low.
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What are Unit Costs?
The average cost of making one product.
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What is Specialisation?
Work is divided into seperate tasks or jobs that allow workers to become skilled at one of them.
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What is Computerised Stock Control?
The use of computers to keep records of all the stock the business has on its premises.
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What is Computer Aided Design (CAD)?
Using computer programs to design products, such as cars, chocolate bars and clothes.
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What is Quality Assurance?
Checking the quality of products at various stages of the production line, rather than just checking quality at the end.
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What is External Recruitment?


Appointing an employee of another business to fill a vacancy.

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What are Monetary Benefits?


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What Non-Monetary Rewards?


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What is Job Production?


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