Understanding health and safety

Do you know your Health and Safety

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1. What does PPE mean?

  • Professional Protective Equiptment
  • Practical Protective Equiptment
  • Personal protective Equiptment
  • Previous Protective Equiptment
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2. what is the worst concequence of poor health and safety?

  • Closed down
  • To be fined and Closed down (possible ban)
  • Fine (£££)
  • slap on the wrists

3. Worst concequence of not complying with Health and Saftey towards your job?

  • Extra hours
  • Fine
  • Disaplinary
  • Raise

4. What is Safety?

  • unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury
  • To keep others safe
  • To feel Safe
  • When surrounding seem safe

5. Which is not a benifit of health and safety?

  • You can relax and not do as much work
  • Staff wellfare
  • customer wellfare
  • good Reputation


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