Consequences of Poor Health and Safety


Why is heath & safety in the workplace important?

it is important to maintain good standards of Health & Safety to prevent serious consequences (financially, emotionally, to the company's reputation, to the employees and socially), but most importantly to prevent accidents/injuries

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Consequences of Poor Health & Safety

Financial: compensation claims, increased insurance premiums, legal fees, repair/replace equipment, recruit and train new staff

Emotional: guilt, grief, stress

Reputation: bad publicity, loss of reputation, links to other categories

Employees: reduced staff morale, reduced staff productivity, increased staff sickness, increased staff turnover

Social: loss of independence, reduced social activity (this consequence is really to the people/person injured)


Direct: a cost arising directly from poor health and safety (compensation claim)

Indirect: a cost arising indirectly from poor health and safety (recruit and train new staff)

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