SHAPES: square, oval, round, stiletto TROLLEY: Hand cleanser Enamel remover Emery boards Orange stick Hoof stick Cuticle remover Cuticle massage cream Buffer Buffing paste Hand lotion Base coat Enamel Top coat Cuticle knife Cuticle nippers Cuticle oil Nail clippers/scissors Barbicide Tissues Cotton wool in bowl Bowl with tissue for client's jewellery Manicure bowl Bowl for waste Clean trolley with surgical spirit prior to use and place bed roll on trolley shelves THE PURPOSE OF A MANICURE to improve the appearance of the hands to keep nails smooth to keep the cuticles attractive and healthy to keep skin soft RECEPTION When a client is making an appointment for a manicure the receptionist should ask a few simple questions that will save time when the client arrives for the treatment: Do they require nail polish? With drying time, this part of the treatment can take up to 20 minutes, so the appropriate length of time needs to be booked out in the appointment book Are any nails damaged or in need or repair? Again extra time will need to be allowed Do they require any extra services, such as paraffin wax or warm oil? Has the client had artificial nails applied previously which will require removal? ALLOW UP TO 45 MINUTES FOR A MANICURE ... ALLOW UP TO ONE HOUR FOR A SPECIALIST TREATMENT Contra-Indications which would prevent treatment Bacterial infections Viral infections Funfal infections Severe nail separation Severe eczema and psoriasis Severe bruising Verrucae or warts Contra-Indications which would restrict treatment Minor nail separation Minor eczema and psoriasis Recent scar tissue Severely bitten nails Severely damaged nails Broken bones Minor cuts and abrasions Broken skin Minor bruising and swelling TREATMENT TREATMENT PLAN - record relevant details of your treatment and advice provided, for future reference. Ensure the client's records are up to date, accurate and fully completed following the treatment. Non-compliance may invalidate insurance. DURING THE TREATMENT - Discuss: details that may influence the client's nail condition, such as their occupation the products the client is currently using to care for the skin of the hands and nails, and the regularity of their use the client's satisfction with these products relevant manicure procedures, e.g. how to file the nails correctly any adverse reactions, if these occur AFTER THE TREATMENT - Record: results of treatment any modification to treatment application that has occurred what products have been used in the manicure treatment the effectiveness of the treatment any samples provided (review their success at the next appointment) Advise on: product application in order to gain maximum benefit from product use specialised products following manicure treatment for homecare use general hand/nail care and maintenance the recommended time intervals between treatments the importance of a course of treatment to improve nail/skin conditions RETAIL OPPORTUNITIES: Advise on progression of the treatment plan for future appointments products that would be suitable for the client to use at home to care for the skin of the hands and nails further products or services that the client may…


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