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What Channel is Friday night Dinner shown on
Channel 4 - A public service broadcaster
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What genre is friay night dinner?
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How is Friday night dinner produced?
Independant producer Robert Popper - Worked on Peep show and the inbetweeners. Therefore is popular.
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What episodes do you focus on?
2nd season: Episode 5 "The Yoghurts" and Episode 6 "The Mouse" Nov 2012
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What type of family are the Goodmans?
Typical Jewish Family. Showing channel 4's Cultural diversity. Part of the remit
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When is the show shown?
Sunday. 10:00pm. Post-watershed
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Who made the series for channel 4?
Popper Pictures and Bigtalk. Bigtalks credits include - Spaced and Rev.
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What is friday night dinner about?
Funny Jewish comedy on british tv post-watershed. All about the goodman family. Each episode takes place on a friday night. Boys in 20s return home for dinner every week.
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How many viewers did series one Premier?
2.8 million. Marked channel 4's biggest launch in the last 7 years.
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What awards did it win/was nominated for?
Won a Rose'D for best sit com. BAFTA nominations for best sit com and best comedy.
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What are the main characters names?
Adam, Jonny, Martin , Jackie , Jim & Wilson the dog , Liz (jonnys boss/girlfriend)
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What are the Key Narrative ingredients?
Conflict and friction between brothers & Binary opposition between Johnny and Liz.
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What are the three stages of an episode?
Equilibrium , Disequilibrium , Resolution
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What are some recurrent themes?
Home , Dinner , Family , Relationships
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What are the recurrent themes in S2 E6 "The mouse"
Martin - Females, Bambinos, Shirt off, **** on it. Jim -Fondness of jackie. Crimble crumble
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What is S2 E6 "The mouse" state of Equilibrium?
Equilibrium. The boys arrive for dinner and come across dad in charge of cooking with Jackie hiding in the shed from a mouse.
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What is S2 E6 "The mouse" state of Disequilibrium?
Jim comes round to help but has an acciedent cause by the building works. This leads to guilty jackie having to invite him in for dinner. JIm then shows his weird eating & his desire to appear jewish. The mouse reappears finally then Jim spills paint
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What is S2 E6 "The mouse" state of Resolution?
Jackie gives the kiss of life to an electrocuted Jim who done it to himself on purpose.
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What kind of comic modes are there in FND?
Slapstick like comedy with jim e.g. when paint falls on him and adam and jonny's physical comedy.
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What is representation?
The way i nwhich the media preents the wolrd and aspets of it. When we consider representation it is important to think about selection & construction.
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What makes up construction?
Use of ise en scene and technical codes make up construction
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What do sitcoms use to create humor?
Stereotypes. Purpose is to be funny therefore it is constructed in this way. They are used to convey info rapidly as audiences will have expectations of how certain stereotypical characters will behave
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What is an example of a stereotype in Friday Night Dinner?
Liz is stereotyped as a desperate old women desperate for a relationship. Oldness is represented with the bread maker comment by jonny.deperateness is shown through cutting her own hair & nickname "Crazy ****" physically clingy, cries when dumped
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What theory can be applied to jonny and liz's relationship?
Levi-strauss binary oppositions. Old and young
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