Tropical Continental Climate - Northern Australia

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What is the temperature range for Darwin?
24-29 degrees celcius
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Total rainfall of Darwin?
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What months does Darwin experience the wet season?
December to March
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Rainfall in Darwin?
Darwin has a summer maximum rainfall caused by the ITCZ. Rainfall is heavy with thunder. High temperatures also influence this rainfall.
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Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
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What is the ITCZ?
An areas of rapidly rising air at the boundary between two two hadley cells in the north and south hemisphere.
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What annual changes to the ITCZ cause tropical monsoon climates?
In Janurary time, the ITCZ moves south towards darwin, bringing with it heavy rain. In July time, the ITCZ moves north again leaving settled weather in the south.
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Causes of the Monsoon?
The risinf air in the ITCZ, created by prevailing wind blows off the warm ocean as it moves towards the land causing torrential rainfall.
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Why did Australia not sign the Kyoto Protocol?
Because they are too reliant on fossil fuels.
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How much could temperatures have risen by in 2070?
5 degree celcius
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Would rainfall increase or decrease?
decreased, especially inland where it could reduce by 10%
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What would coastal settlements be vulnerable to?
storm surges
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What else could storm surges cause damage to?
coastal ecosystems and infrastructure
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Why is the port under threat?
It would be submerged if the sea level rose by 1.1m
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Why would this be so devastating for Darwin?
The port is where all Darwin's imports come into the country and exports would also be reduced.
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How much would days with temperature >35 increase by?
11 a year to 69 a year (x6)
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what will happen to the frequency and intensity of cyclones?
Less frequent but more intense therefore causing more damage
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What would the impacts on human health be?
without mitigation there could be over 400 temperature related deaths each year. Also increase of mosquitos could lead to spread of diseases such as Zika.
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What % of GDP is brought in by tourism?
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What is Kakadu national park at risk?
The wetland environment is suffering from too much salt water changing the habitat and disrupting the ecosystem.
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What would happen to beef production?
Reduce by 19.5% by 2030 as cattle drink a lot of water which wont be available.
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Who will this mostly affect?
Less affluent aboriginal austraias, meaning the poor get poorer and there is a potential loss for traditional culture
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