The Increase in Extreme Climatic Events - Winter Storms in Europe

Another presentation I put together to present to my Geography class. It includes an explanation of what an extreme weather event is, sattelite images and Storm Lothar case study.

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What Are Extreme Climate
·Increasing temperatures mean the World is likely to see less frosty days and cold spells,
but we are expected to experience an increase in heat waves and hot spells
·Greater risk of drought in summer in continental areas
·The greatest warming over the next 100 years is expected to be at higher latitudes and
the smallest amount of warming, in the tropics
·Increase in extreme precipitation events
·Hurricanes likely to be more intense in some parts of the World due to more rainfall and
more intense winds
·It's not clear what will happen with thunderstorms or tornadoes
·An intensification of the Asian summer monsoon is expected
·There is no evidence for changes in the frequency, intensity or location of tropical
·Storm surges are expected to increase in frequency and in the UK the south east coast
is expected to see the largest surges at around 1.2m higher than we have now…read more

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Winter Storms in Europe
These are some satellite
images taken from the
major storm event that hit
Europe in December 1999…read more

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Storm Lothar
Around Christmas 1999, Central Europe was
struck by two storms that caused severe
damage in France, Germany, Switzerland and
Italy. It started off as a frontal wave over the
Western Atlantic, crossing the Atlantic at a
speed of more than 120 km/h. Hurricane force
winds swept across France, killing 17 people,
and the river Seine flooded leaving 3.5 million
homes without power.…read more

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`Huge Storms Sweep Northern
Severe gale force winds (99mph) killed
nine people in Britain; hurricane force
winds battered Germany taking seven
The extreme weather forced hundreds
of flight, rail and ferry cancellations and
prompted road and school closures, and
thousands of people were without power.…read more

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