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2. What food/drink did the soldiers NOT get regularly in the trenches?

  • water
  • biscuits
  • whiskey
  • apples
  • tinned beef
  • tea

3. How did the soldiers kill lice?

  • by putting a candle near the eggs
  • with chemicals
  • by washing their clothes
  • by shooting a gun to scare them away
  • with talcum powder
  • with vinegar

4. What was it called when front line soldiers had to advance across no man's land?

  • a march
  • a fight
  • an attack
  • a race
  • a battle
  • a charge

5. What disease did many soldiers get as a result of their feet being constantly wet?

  • shell shock
  • blisters
  • athletes foot
  • trench foot
  • trench mouth
  • gout


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