Threats to fish stocks

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1. What are trawl nets and why are they a threat to fish stocks?

  • Taporing tube shaped and can catch vast amounts of fish at a time.
  • Small net and so are not threats
  • Nets that drag along the sea bottom and so disrupt the fish.
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2. Why is plastic a threat to fish?

  • Floats to the bottom and covers the sea bed-stops the food cycle.
  • It looks like food and remains in the water - kills the fish.
  • It remains in the water and can cut the fish.

3. Why are diamond shaped holes in fishing nets bad for fish stocks?

  • Small fish can't escape and go on to breed.
  • Fish can escape through diamond shaped holes.
  • Big fish try to swim through but get stuck.

4. What does G.P.S stand for and why is it a threat to fish stocks?

  • Global Positioning System - locates shoals accurately.
  • Gradient Positioning System
  • Glacier positioning service

5. Why is fertilizer run-off bad for fish stocks?

  • It's not bad- can be an alternate food source for the fish.
  • Causes algal bloom - can be toxic to some fish.
  • Causes algal bloom which suffocates the fish.


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