The post-Stalin Thaw

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1. What caused the Hungarian uprising?

  • The people wanted a nationalist state
  • The success in Poland made the people want a better leader. Nagy left Warsaw pact and introduced new reforms. The soviet forces moved in and bought in a new leader.
  • Poor econemy - starvation
  • A draught, responded to badly by the government.
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2. What was a key event at the Vienna Summet?

  • Kennedy and Khrushchev met for the first time - they discussed nuclear disarment, Berlin and ideological differences.
  • Nothing was done.
  • Khrushchev failed to attend

3. What happened in FINLAND 1956?

  • The USSR gave up Porkkala - it wasn't useful to them
  • The USSR offered part of Porkkala back to Finland

4. When was the Genevra Summet?

  • June 195
  • 1955
  • 1956
  • May 1954

5. Which two leaders make new agreement 'Belgrade declaration' (countries can interpret Marxism differently)

  • Hungary and Poland
  • Yugoslavia and USSR
  • Britain and USA


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