The post-Stalin Thaw

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1. What was agreed at the Genevra conference concerning Vietnam?

  • To stop the civil War, a 2 year split at 17th parallel, then elections
  • Clue: (The USA were alarmed, they knew the communists win the election)
  • Vietnam should hold elections immediately
  • Vietnam would be taken over by a communist leader
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2. Which two leaders make new agreement 'Belgrade declaration' (countries can interpret Marxism differently)

  • Hungary and Poland
  • Yugoslavia and USSR
  • Britain and USA

3. What was a key event at the Vienna Summet?

  • Kennedy and Khrushchev met for the first time - they discussed nuclear disarment, Berlin and ideological differences.
  • Nothing was done.
  • Khrushchev failed to attend

4. What did Molotov suggest at the Berlin conference?

  • That German should b reunified. However USA disagree - free elections to be held first
  • Money to be given to Berlin
  • Telephone Hot-line
  • Marisha Smith should be Queen of Berlin

5. What date was & what was the Austrian State Treaty?

  • 1955: Land reunited post-WW2 diving, US and USSR withdrew weapons
  • 1950: The decision to kill all dogs in Austria
  • 1955 The dicision to futher split Austria in 4


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