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2. Which equation demonstrates the reaction beween ozone and a CFCs?

  • O3 + Cl --> ClO3
  • O3 + CCl2F2 --> CCl2F2O3
  • O3 + Cl --> O2 + ClO ClO + O --> Cl + O2
  • O3 + CCl2F2 --> CO + 2ClO + F2

3. What is the role of the ozone layer?

  • It absorbs the harmful UV radiation from the sun and so protects organisms on Earth from them.
  • It makes sure that the Earth does not get too hot.
  • It counteracts global warming.
  • It is a protective layer in the atmosphere preventing objects from outer space from entering Earth.

4. The reaction between CFCs and ozone is an example of what kind of reaction?

  • Electrophilic addition
  • Free radical substitution
  • Dehydration
  • Nucleophilic substitution

5. Why were CFCs initially used?

  • They are not harmful to human health.
  • They are found readily and in abundance naturally.
  • They are relatively unreactive, non-toxic and have a low flammability
  • They are affordable.


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