The Suffragettes

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1. Did churchill charge any of the women on Black friday

  • No, none were charged because Churchill did not want details of police violence to come out in the courts.
  • Yes, because he wanted to prove they had the upper hand
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2. What was the cat and mouse act

  • Where women had to pay a fine if they where caught taking any part in the suffrage movement
  • Where Suffragettes where temporarily discharged from prison for ill health
  • Where each street in London had to have at least one cat

3. When were women over the age of 21 allowed to vote

  • July 1929
  • July 1928
  • July 1930
  • July 1917

4. When was Black Friday

  • 18th September 1911
  • 18th August 1910
  • 18th November 1910
  • 18th January 1911

5. Emily Wilding Davison Do?

  • Try to put a scarf over the kings horse's neck
  • Get arrested 9 times
  • All of these
  • Throw herself infront of a horse
  • Become a martyr
  • It is not entirely known


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