How did the suffragettes carry out their campaign between 1906 and 1912

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  • How did the Suffragettes carry out their campaign between 1906-14
    • 1906 of was the first time when the Suffragettes used violence
      • They did this by shouting out at a Governmental meeting
      • 1906 was when the decided to use new methods in order to show the government their passion
    • 1912 was when the extreme violence began
      • This violence included Burning Down homes, Destroying Golf Courses etc.
    • They decided to use the more violent methods to gain more publicity
      • This publicity meant more people knew about the suffragettes
      • However they were in the news for bad reasons rather than good
    • This upscale in violence led to many people disagreeing with the suffragette movement
      • Many of the political members who favoured the suffragette movement then disapproved because of the extreme violence
      • Tje upscale also lead to many of the public now diagreeing with the Suffrage movement
      • Even some women who also wanted the vote, now apposed the suffragette movement because they felt their method were a step to far
    • Many people believe that it was this period where the suffragettes increased their violence that delayed the right to vote


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