The Mycenaean Age: Tombs, Graves and Burial

Cist Grave
A grave formed of a stone lined pit, dug into the earth and covered up
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A shaft Grave
A grave in which a deep shaft was dug and a space created at the bottom for a body. Often reused.
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Grave circle A
Bodies in grave shafts were laid on their backs. Grave shafts were sometimes reused
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Tholos Tombs
A raised mound of earth under which bodies were buried. (Tumulus) These were usually reserved for more important people (Royalty)
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When were Tholos tombs prominent
14th Century BC
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What were Tholos tombs usually made of
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Long passageway leading into the tomb
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What was put at the end of the dromos once the body had been buried?
large stones to block the entrance to the tomb
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Chamber tombs
A tomb dug out of the ground with stones blocking the entrance. It was for less important nobles and multiple people could be buried. Smaller than a tholos tomb.
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Name all the burial sites at Mycenae
Tombs of Clytemnestra
Treasury of Atreus/Lion tomb
Tomb of Aegisthus
Grave Circle A
Grave Circle B
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What sort of funerary objects have been found in the Mycenaean age
Bronze Mirror
Lion Hunt Dagger
Signet rings
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Lion Hunt Dagger
16th Century BC, Grave Circle A, Grave IV

Inlay technique. Made of gold, silver and niello
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Hunting Signet Ring
15th Century BC, Grave Circle A
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Gold Rhyton
16th Century BC, Grave IV, Grave circle A

Hammering, granulation, repoussé
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Fresco of a Mycenaean Lady
13th Century BC, Grave Shaft IV, Grave Circle A
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Mask of Agamemnon
16th Century BC, Grave Shaft V, Grave circle A

Hammering, repoussé
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Gold Pyxis
16th Century BC, Grave shaft V, Grave Circle A

Wood and Gold

Repoussé and Filigree
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How were bodies prepared fo burial
Clothed, wealthier bodies were buried wearing jewellery
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What are the proof of libations
Metal cups found at tholos tomb entrance
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What proof was there of food
Bones/Seashells suggesting a meal in honour of the dead
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What were some other burial customs
Stele would have been placed on top of graves
Some clay burial caskets were used (these were very rare)
Women played a large part in burials similar to the classical period
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What was the significance of funerary objects
To show, status wealth and power.
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A shaft Grave


A grave in which a deep shaft was dug and a space created at the bottom for a body. Often reused.

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Grave circle A


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Tholos Tombs


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When were Tholos tombs prominent


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