The German Reformation 1500-1555

Who was the Head of the Roman Catholic Church?
Pope Leo X
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What is Salvation?
The process of being saved from the flames of hell through God's forgiveness
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List the seven sacraments?
Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation, Matrimony, Extreme Unction, and Ordination.
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What were indulgences?
A signed piece of paper from the Pope which promises the forgiveness of all sins and those in purgatory
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What is purgatory?
A place of suffering after death where one fate is decided - heaven or nah.
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What language was the Roman Catholic Church Bible written in and what was its official name?
Latin & Latin Vulgate Bible
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Define Simony
the buying and selling of church positions
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Define Nepotism
Give high positions to family and friends rather than other candiates
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Define pluralism?
When a priest or bishop controls more or than one parish or diocese
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Define Anti Clericalism?
Opposition to the church based on its abuse of power and influence, especially economically
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Which two men challenged the church in the 15th century?
Jan Huss & John Wycliffe
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Name one famous Renaissance humanist?
Desiderius Erasmus
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What happened to Martin Luther in 1516?
Luther tower experience, he veered away from preaching and focused translating the bible to discover the wrongdoing of the r.c church. Luther disagreed with the ideas of purgatory and concluded that "faith alone" gets a soul into heaven (sola fida)
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Who was selling indulgences just outside Wittenburg in 1517
Johann Tetzel
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What were the profits of these indulgences paying for?
half of the money going towards the rebuilding of saint Peters and the rest went to Archbishop Albert of Mainz debts
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What was Luther's response to this?
He wrote the 95 Theses on the eve of all saints day, and sent a copy with a covering letter to Albert of Brandenburg explaining his concern
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In 1518, Luther was summoned- where to, and by whom?
Cajetan summoned him to Augsburg in an effort to reach a compromise
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Give one way in which Frederick the Wise of Saxony helped Luther and explain one reason why he was willing to do this?
he rescued him and took into hiding at Wartburg castle, he was very sympathetic to Luther wanted him to have been given every opportunity to recant
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Who became Holy Roman Empire on 12th January 1519?
Charles V
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What year and where did Luther debate with Johann Eck?
Leipzig 1519
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Eck associated Luther Huss in debate. Why was this connection significant?
Because Johann Eck was known as a heretic, making the link between the two.
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What does it mean to be excommunicated?
The act of casting someone out of the church, resulting in their being destined for hell.
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Name the Papal Bull of 1520 that threatened to excommunicate Luther.
Pope Leo X 'Exsurge Domine'
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What did Luther do with the Papal Bull that threatened him with this?
He burnt it publicly in Wittenberg
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When was Luther officially excommunicated?
In January 1521
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Name all the three works written by Luther between August 1520 and November 1520?
'The Address to the christian nobility of the German Nation' 'On the Babylonish Captivity of the Church 'On the liberty of a christian man'
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What did Luther compare the Pope to in his Pamphlet 'on the Babylonian Captivity of the Church'?
Compared the Pope's rule of the church with the Old Testament story of the Israelites being taken as slaves to Babylon. Laity had been enslaved by the papacy with man made beliefs and practices.
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Which event took in April 1521?
The Diet of Worms
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What is Salvation?


The process of being saved from the flames of hell through God's forgiveness

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