The Development Of Attachment

How many stages of attachment are there?
4 - indiscriminate attachments, the beginnings of attachment, discriminate attachment, multiple attachments
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Who proposed this and when?
Shaffer and Emerson 1960's.
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Stage 1: Indiscriminate attachments
0-2 months- similar responses to everything, towards the end they were more content with people
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Stage 2: The beginnings of attachment
4 months- more social, prefer human company, easily comforted by anyone
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Stage 3: Discriminate attachment
7 months- begin to be sad when the mum puts them down, they get separation anxiety. They form an attachment to their primary attachment figure.
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Stage 4: Multiple attachments
7+ months means that multiple attachments can be formed
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What was Schaffer and Emerson's study on it ?
Within 1 month, 29% had multiple attachments
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What is multiple attachments?
Having more than one attachment figure
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Role of the father
Increased exposure can give a primary attachment
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Secondary attachment
Fathers are more playful and better at problem solving so research shows they are good at secondary attachment figures
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EVALUATION: Biased Sample
Working class population from 1960's results may not generalise for a wide enough range of people
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Who proposed this and when?


Shaffer and Emerson 1960's.

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Stage 1: Indiscriminate attachments


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Stage 2: The beginnings of attachment


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Stage 3: Discriminate attachment


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