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  • Attachment
    • A strong emotional tie that develops over time between an infant and their primary caregiver(s)
    • Types (Mary Ainsworth Strange Situation - 1970)
      • Secure Attachment
      • Insecure Avoidant
      • Insecure Resistant
    • Bowlby's Attachment Theory
      • Infants have an Innate need to form an attachment
      • Critical Period in which the attachment must be formed
      • If attachment is not formed within critical period, infant will struggle to form relationships in future
    • Disruption of Attachment
      • Deprivation
        • Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis (1953)
          • 44 Thieves Study
            • Affectionless Psychopath's show little concern for others and unable to form relationships
              • Due to Maternal Deprivation
        • Loss of Attachment Relationship
      • Privation
        • Attachment never developed
          • Early studies
            • Genie 1977
            • Czech Twins 1976
          • Later Study
            • Rutter et al. 2007 Romanian Orphans
              • Recovery from Privation possible


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