Bowlby's Theory of Attachment

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Bowlby suggests that a child is born with an innate response to develop an attachment with someone. 

Monotropy & Hierarchy

  • the monotropy is the primary care giver - this is normally the mother 
  • the hierarchy is any secondary attachment which is developed - this can include the father - these attachments are developed for social and emotional development 

Attachment is innate - children are born with an innate drive to develop attachments 

Care giving is innate - people are born with the innate response to provide care for infants - this care is released when the children show social releases eg crying 

Secure base 

  • the mother is used as a secure base 
  • this allows children to go and explore bases and return to a safe place (their mother) 

Continuity Hypothesis 

  • an individuals childhood attachment carries on into their adulthood 
  • the child's attachment will determine their future relationships 
  • this is developed from the child's attachment to their primary care giver

Internal Working Model (IWM)

  • this is an individual's views on adult romantic relationships 
  • this is developed from watching the primary care giver as an infant…


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