The Cold War - The Second Cold War

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1. What is Containment?

  • The combonation of the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
  • When America stayed isolated for as long as possible during the Cold War
  • The combonation of the Truman Doctrine and Hoover Plan
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2. What did the USSR use the captured countries as?

  • Barrier zone
  • Sheild
  • Buffer zone
  • Curtian

3. What were the governments called that the USSR set up in the countries the captured?

  • Figurine
  • Puppet
  • Doll
  • Marionette

4. When JFK went to West Germany in 1961, what did he say?

  • Ich bin ein Katze
  • Ich bin ein Berliner
  • Ich bin ein Hund
  • Ich bin ein German

5. What did Moa say about power?

  • "Power comes out the barrel of a gun"
  • "Power comes from the peoples desire"
  • "Power comes out the end of a beating heart"


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