The Second Red Scare

The Second Red Scare

1947- 1953

Why was there a 'Second Red Scare'?

Traditional intolerance- Chafe

Reaction to the New Deal

Onset of Cold War

Internal Suspicions

Role of Individuals

Psychological impact of post-war changes

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Traditional Intolerance

Same as first red scare


'Seasonal Allergies'

Links with Pshychological Impact

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Psychological Impact

Rapid and Social Change

ConsumerismBirth of civil rightsFemale emansipationSuburbsNuclear weaponryTechnological advancement

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Reation to the New Deal

People saw it as communist, people were opposed to it

Wagner act, Social security, TVA,

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Internal Suspicions

There were those in the US who wanted to bring it do

'Reds under the beds'

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McCarthy Witchhunts

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