TB8, L3 - Morality

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1. Which of the following was NOT a finding of Bechara et al (1997)?

  • Lesioned VLPFC patients behave as if unaware of future consequence
  • Lesioned VLPFC patients do not show an anticipatory GSR when making risky responses
  • Normal controls do not show an anticipatory GSR when making risky responses
  • Controls choose advantageously before being consciously aware of best strategy
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2. Which brain areas were more active for nonmoral unpleasant over moral?

  • Lateral OFC only
  • Left medial OFC and left amygdala
  • Lateral OFC and left amygdala
  • Left medial OFC only

3. Which of the following is NOT true of lesioned VLPFC patients?

  • Rely on emotional input into decision making
  • Show blunted affect and deficit in emotional processing
  • Rely on utilitarian response in decision making
  • None of the above

4. Which brain areas were mire active for moral over nonmoral unpleasant?

  • Left medial OFC
  • Lateral OFC
  • Left amygdala

5. Consequentialism can be defined as:

  • Moral value of an action is one way or another a function of its consequence alone
  • None of the above
  • Personal code of conduct within the ethical constraints of a group
  • Endorsing harmful actions for the greater good


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