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2. What makes minimal demands on STM?

  • Mental maths
  • Stroop task
  • Repeating a sequence of numbers you have just heard
  • Understanding long and complex sentences

3. What is the function of the fornix?

  • To project to the medial temporal lobe
  • The major output of the hippocampus
  • A loop from the hippocampus to the thalamus
  • A gateway to the thalamus

4. Which of these is NOT preserved in amnesia?

  • Verbal learning (with concious recollection)
  • Implicit (non-concious) memory; motor skills and lexical priming and classical conditioning
  • Short-term memory (STM)
  • Semantic memory (previously acquired facts)

5. Which type of memory is largely non concious?

  • Riding a bike
  • Where Q is on the keyboard
  • Getting faster at typing by practice
  • Remembering breakfast


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