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name the 10 denominations
Roman catholic, orthodox, Presbyterian, Lutherans, baptism, Methodists, Anglican, salvation army, Plymouth brethren
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palm cross
when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey people laid palm leaves down at his as a sign of respect.
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to remember god sacrifice for the world, Jesus' crucifixion.
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the communion vessel which holds the consecrated wine as a symbol of Jesus' blood/sacrifice
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side chapel
the virgin Mary is in the side chapel
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bread and wine are believer to turn into the body and blood of jesus
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name the 5 things muslims use to prayer
compass, string of 99 beads, mat, skull cap
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wash before prayer so they are fit to worship allah
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during prayer Muslims follow a set pattern of prayers called rahka
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how many times a day do Muslims prayer
5 times
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name the 3 objects Jewish men use to prayer
the talit, tefillin, yarmuka
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a shawl which jewish men wrap around their shoulders to show god wraps love around them
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a small leather box wrapped around the the chest or forehead it reminds god is in the heart and mind
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skull cap worn by jewish men as a sign of respect ans to show they are beneath god
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proper foods or other animal products that can be used according to jewish law
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the first 5 books of the jewish bible
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sefer torah
the torah scroll it is handwritten on parchment and rolled into a scroll
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a pointing stick that is made if silver it is used because peoples hands cannot touch the sefer torah
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how do jews show respect for the sefer torah
handwriting the sefer torah, not touching the torah scroll with their hands
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palm cross


when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey people laid palm leaves down at his as a sign of respect.

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side chapel


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