Suetonius on Augustus

"At 16...he was awarded military decorations"
"Augustus now levied armies and governed the empire"
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"Augustus felt it his avenge Caesar"
"enlisting a force of veterans to protect himself and the state" - PG
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"showed not only skill as a commander, but courage as a soldier"
"Augustus defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi"
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"Lucius Antonius felt strong enough brother of the powerful Marc Antony raise a revolt"
"The Sicilian war...lasted for 8 years"
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was his most dangerous campaign" - Sicilian war
"Lepidus...was in permanent exile"
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"Eventually Augustus broke his friendship with Marc Antony"
"He defeated Antony in a sea battle off Actium"
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"Augustus turned the kingdom of Egypt into a Roman province"
""enlarged an ancient local temple of Apollo" - spoils of egypt"
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"Augustus commanded armies in only two foreign wars"
"Augustus never wantonly invaded any country and felt no temptation to increase the boundaries of the empire"
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"he demanded the surrender of the eagles captured from Crassus and Antony"
"the gates of the temple of Janus...he closed three times"
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"a sign that the empire was at peace on land and sea
"he suffered only two heavy and disgraceful defeats, both in Germany"
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"Quintilius Varus give me back my legions!"
"Augustus introduced many reforms into the army"
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"The civil wars were over"
"twice Augustus seriously thought of restoring the republican system"
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"I found Rome built in bricks, I leave her clothed in marble"
"very numerous public works"
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"at his own expense"
restored ruined or burned temples"
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"as a judge he was both contentious and lenient"
he created new offices dealing with the upkeep of public roads, buildings and aqueducts
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"revived the long obsolete custom of appointing censors"
"Augustus cross examined every knight on his personal affairs"
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"his generosity to all classes was displayed on many occasions"
"his awards of largesse to the people were frequent
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"in times of food shortage he often sold grain"
he did all this not to win popularity but to improve public welfare"
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"Marcus Agrippa, my son in law, has made adequate provision for thirsty citizens"
no magistrate had ever provided so many"
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"he formed an army treasury"
"clemency and considerate behaviour"
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"he always felt horrified and insulted when called 'my lord'"
"he remained a man of the people
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"he then adopted Gaius and Lucius"
"he trained his new sons in the business of government"
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"he soon disinherited Postumus, whose behaviour had recently been brutal and vulgar"
"he was frugal"
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"survived several grave and dangerous illnesses"
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"enlisting a force of veterans to protect himself and the state" - PG


"Augustus felt it his avenge Caesar"

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"Augustus defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi"


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"The Sicilian war...lasted for 8 years"


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"Lepidus...was in permanent exile"


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