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    • reasons for preoccupation
      • Roman nobility concerned with inheritance of political prestige. in order to maintain good family name sons were expected to follow in fathers footsteps.
      • augustus had no natural son- needed to secure one through adoption
      • his recurring ill-health spurred on his arrangements. 23BC close to death.
      • many of his successors died before him.
      • principate could not be inherited but some believed there should be someone in place to transfer it to.
        • however augustus believed that each leader should win power in open competition and due to merit.
    • methods:
      • used the device of associating members of his family with him in the tribunician power- taking them as colleagues througha grant of imperium- endorsing them.
    • attempts to find julian successor
      • forced to rely on Tiberius- who was aclaudian but was experienced.
        • some believed that Augustus was not fond of Tiberiushowever suetonius states:
          • 'Augustus wighed Tiberius' good qualities against the bad, and decided that the good tipped the scale... he... had often referred to him as an outstanding general'
            • tacitus argues that he was 'thoroughly aware of Tiberius' cruelty and arrogance, he intended to heighten his own glory by the contrast to one so inferior.'


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