Tiberius and Claudius accession



  • Stepson of Augustus - adopted alongside Postumus AD4
  • Took part in military campaigns, including Illyricum and Pannonia. Saved frontier in Geramny after Varus disaster - triumphed 12AD
  • "For want of a better choice" - Suetonius 
  • "Augustus weighed up his good qualities against the bad, and decided that the good tipped the scale" - Suetonius
  • Recieved pro-consular imperium in 13AD
  • Twice refused Pater Patriae
  • Deification of Augustus after death - strengthens
  • At first declined offer of Augustus' powers - took the emperorship with reluctance, retired to Rhodes beforehand
  • "Until I grow so old that you might be good enough to grant me respite" - Suetonius
  • "kept the Senate guessing" - Suetonius
  • The army in Germany refused to acknowledge him - "the army in Germany refused to acknowledge an Emperor whome they had not chosen themselves"
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  • Praetorian Guard - hiding behind curtains and proclaimed emperor - Suetonius says its an "extraordinary accident"
  • "first empror to buy the loyalty of his troops"
  • Secures position through Praetorian Guard because the senate had no army to fight agaist them
  • Praetorian Guard were at there greatness
  • Augustus gave Claudius no powers when he was younger - "renounced all hopes of a political career"
  • Mauritania revolts put down by Crassus Frugi - revolts as a result of Caligula's murder of their king
  • Had only held one consulship before in AD31 and had been "nearly disposed"
  • Busy with role as Censor - annoyed senate as many of them would have wanted the role
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