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2. What key does the piece modulate to for the second subject?

  • The dominant minor (Fm)
  • The dominant (F)
  • The tonic (Bb)
  • The relative minor (Gm)

3. In which order do the three sections of a sonata come in?

  • Recapitulation, Exposition, Development
  • Recapitulation, Development, Exposition
  • Exposition, Development, Recapitulation
  • Development, Recapitulation, Exposition
  • Exposition, Recapitulation, Development
  • Development, Exposition, Recapitulation

4. What key is the recapitulation in?

  • G minor
  • Bb major
  • F minor
  • F major

5. What is the sonata form often connected with?

  • The Classical period
  • The early Baroque period
  • The late Baroque period


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