Structure and functions of organisms

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Tiny structure within cells
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Animal cell structure
Nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm
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Contains the genetic material, which controls cell
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Cell membrane
Controls the substances that go in and out
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Contains enzymes, control reactions
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Plant cell structure
Nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplasts, vacuole
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Photosynthesis, makes food, contains green chlorophyll
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Supports cell
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Cell wall
Cell strength
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What is tissue
Group of similar cells working together
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Group of different tissues, working together
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Organ system
Organs working together, e.g digestive system
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What are plants made up of
-multicellular -photosynthesise -cell wall -stores carbohydrates as starch or sucrose
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What are animals made up of
-multicellular -nervous coordination -move -stores carbohydrates as glycogen
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What are Fungu made up of
-single celled -body called mycelium -contain many nuclei -NO photosynthesis - store carbohydrates as glycogen, e.g yeast/Mucor
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What's in a Protoctists cell
Nucleus, some are like plants others like animal cells
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What is a Protoctists
-single celled
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What is in a bacteria cell
Cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, circular chromosome, plasmids
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What is bacteria
-single celled -microscopic -NO nucleus -feed off other organisms -photosynthesis
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What is in a Viruse cell
DNA, protein cost
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What are viruses
-they are particles not cells -reproduce inside living cells -infect all organisms -no cellular structure
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Example of Protoctists
Chlorella & Amoeba
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Example of bacteria
Lactobacillus bulgaricus
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Example of Viruse
Influenza virus & HIV
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What are pathogens
Organisms that cause diseases
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Animal cell structure


Nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm

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