Star Cycle

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1. What happens at the white supernova stage?

  • It explodes throwing the outer layer of dust and gas into space
  • Hydrogen nuclei undergo nuclear fusion to form helium nuclei
  • The stars light completely fades out
  • The surface begins to cool
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2. When is a star at its most stable stage?

  • Main sequence star
  • White dawf
  • Red super giant
  • Supernova

3. Black holes are formed if...

  • ...a star explodes
  • has a very dense core
  • ...the star is big enough
  • ...alll of the light fades

4. What comes first in the life cycle of a star?

  • Prostar
  • Black dawf
  • Clouds of dust and gas
  • Neutron star

5. A neutron star...

  • ...has a very dense core
  • bigger than a red giant star
  • ...throws its outer layers of dust and gas into space
  • where nuclear fission occurs


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