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Where do most pathogens grow?
Outside their host
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How to they increase their numbers?
By spreading from one host to another
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How can we stop the spread of pathogen?
By knowing how they spread
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What are examples of infection?
Cold, Flu & TB
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How do infections spread?
The people eho suufer from these infection cough/sneeze, this sends little droplest containg pathogen into air.Once in air flu/viruses can survive for a day
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How long can TB stay in the air for?
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How do they stay in the air?
They mix with dust that can blow arouns and infect someone
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*** can Cholera dieback spread?
They can spread to air as tiny tough spores.Wind carry Cholera spore over along distance
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What are some examples of pathogen that spread in Water?
Bacteria that cause Cholera,Typhoid, dysentery(causes severe diarrohea)
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Why are these pathogens rare in developed countries?
Because the water that are used is treated to kill pathogen
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When do outbreaks of these disease occur?
When hygiene is difficult e.g poor area after major environment disaster or in refugee camps
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Where can pathogens of the digestive systems spread to?
In food as well as water
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Where do they enter the body?
Mouth ( the oral route)
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How are Helicobacter are thought to spread?
When people touch other people's food after touching their mouth. or after going to the toilet(oral-faecal transmission).The bacteria can also spread on the feet of flies when they have fed on infected faeces and then landed on food
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Why do some pathogens e.g Ebola require extreme hygiene practices to control them?
As the virus easily enters people's body through broken skin/eyes/nose/mouth
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Why was the Ebola virus epidemic?
Because many people became infected when burying those who had died from Ebola
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What is one example of pathogens that cannot survive in the environment?
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Then how it spread?
The malaria protist is carries in the blood of mosquito that have sucked blood from infected person. Mosquito inject protist directly into the blood of the next person it feeds on.
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What are Vectors?
Organisms that carry pathogen from one person to another
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How can we control the spread of pathogens?
By controlling the spread of Vectors
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How to they increase their numbers?


By spreading from one host to another

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How can we stop the spread of pathogen?


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What are examples of infection?


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