Changing Pathgogens

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  • Changing Pathgogens
    • Some Pathogens ( particularly Viruses) can mutate making a new for called a mutation
      • Very few people are immune so diseases travel quickly
      • Disease that spread across a country are called a Epidemic- the world a pandemic.
    • Antibiotic - resistant bacteria
      • MRSA stands for MEthacilin-resistant staphlococcus aureus
      • The MRSA is a 'super bug' which is a bacterium that has evolved through natural selection.
      • MRSA and other bacteria have become resistant to the common antibiotics.
      • Mutations of pathogens produce new strains, some are resistant to antibiotics.
      • Antibiotics kill individual pathogens of the non-resistant strain.
      • the resistant bacteria survive and reproduce rapidly and a whole population of of resistant bacteria is produced. This is n natural selection.


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